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Nicholas Cole


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While his reputation as a studio musician is already phenomenal, the insiders are waiting for the breakthrough as a live musician. His fame is likely to rise by his new album Night Sessions (2015). On the cover of the album Nicholas holds the album by Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key of Life in hand. But many combine Stevie with his super hit Superstition, the songthat really put the Hohner Clavinet on the map in funk and soul music. This brings us to Nicolas' starter Mary Ann, on which he extensively plays this instrument and also keeps faithful to the rhythm.

Stomping beats propel Radiohead into a dynamic drive wheel well supported by Tyler Summers (tenor & baritone sax) and Phil Lassiter (trumpet) with staccato inserts. The Kickback is performed tautly with the piano in the lead. Alex Bugnon and Brian Culbertson were the inspiration here. Let's Take A Ride is a shining hypnotic groove with beatboxing as vocal percussion element. Brilliant!

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