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Roberto Restuccia


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With every new era comes a fresh mindset, and no contemporary urban jazz track captures the hopeful spirit of 2021 like “Arrival,” the soulfully melodic, seductively grooving and instantly infectious debut single debut single by Roberto Restuccia that ever so subtly reflects the fast emerging UK guitarist and composer’s lifelong passion for the blues. 

One of the most added new tracks according to the Billboard National Smooth Jazz Airplay chart, the perfectly titled song marks an auspicious launch for Trippin N’ Rhythm Records’ latest signee – who will be dropping his highly anticipated label debut With Every Turn this spring. Featuring all original songs penned by Restuccia, the rhythmically and harmonically eclectic 10-track collection showcases his dynamic collaboration with veteran keyboardist, #1 Billboard artist and fellow Brit Oli Silk, who produced the album. In his liner notes, Restuccia thanks his new labelmate for his friendship and guidance over the past three years as the project came together. 

Building off the impressive worldwide following he cultivated starting in 2011 via hundreds of popular homegrown YouTube videos showcasing his love of, among other genres, rock, jazz, country and 80’s pop, Restuccia got down to business and recorded and released two indie albums - Exposure and When the Smoke Clears – back to back in 2016 and 2017. Recorded on low budgets mostly for his own satisfaction and to capture “ideas that were floating around,” he admits the music on Exposure was mostly him “messing around.” He liked the songs better on When the Smoke Clears but felt the production fell short. 

While experimenting with different styles, Restuccia had long set his sights on success in the smooth jazz genre, which, he says, “grabs me from every direction, mixing funk and jazz, with openings to blues it up.” A longtime fan of Silk, Restuccia met the keyboardist after one of his local UK gigs, gave him one of those albums and told him he was working on some new material. Restuccia started sending tracks to the keyboardist and their creative relationships blossomed from there as the tracks that evolved into With Every Turn came together. The two live about an hour’s drive from each other on the outskirts of London.

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