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Ryan La Valette


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Bringing an explosive energy as a triple threat musician and Artist to the Contemporary Jazz Genre, New Zealand bred and based Guitarist, Saxophonist and Bassist Ryan La Valette officially unleashed his multitude of melodic and soul-grooving talents to radio in 2022.


Testament to his transcendent array of talents and emotionally impactful songwriting skills, this artist has already collaborated with three of the genre’s top Billboard #1 keyboardists/producers – labelmate Nicholas Cole and two time Grammy nominees Greg Manning and Chris “Big Dog” Davis.


Due to his lifelong passion for the music and style of George Benson – whose classic tune “This Masquerade” he first heard around age five when his mother played it in the house – La Valette considers himself primarily a guitar player, but is also well versed as a Saxophonist and Piccolo Bassist.


Up until the present, La Valette has continued to score consecutive Billboard #1s off of his debut record, "New Beginnings" and officially became the only artist in the Genres 40+ year history to achieve four #1s on a first record, a monumental achievement from an artist so young. His skills as a writer, producer and mixing engineer are unparalleled and it became very apparent on this project.

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